It's Breakup Season! Can You Dump Someone Right Before Christmas?

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"Am I a complete monster? Should I wait to break up with him until after the holidays?"

There is really never a "good" time to break up with someone, but right before the holidays might be the hardest. Even for those people who know their relationship cannot be fixed, it can be hard to cut someone loose with Christmas music in the background. If you're ready to be single again, what do you do? Stick it out through the holidays, or move on now? Relationship expert Diana Falzone offered some advice for one Fox News iMag reader.

Hi Diana,

My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years. We've had our ups and downs but the last month has been almost unbearable. I've fallen out of love with him. I know it's over. My problem is when do I break up with him? Should I wait until after the holidays or do it now and cut my losses?

Kerri Anne

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