Love Bytes: The Couples' Holiday Survival Guide

Love, Heartbreak

Plus, 27 things men say that are total turn-offs.

Honesty is a tricky thing. Many women claim they want it in spades. And many men claim they're not sure how to mete it out in acceptable doses. Therein lies a real Mars-Venus head-scratcher. Well, here are 27 things dudes have said that have quickly run the 'bout-to-get-naked train right off the rails. (The Frisky)

20 gifts that guys have given and women don't want. (

Getting there is half the fun; please enjoy the thrill of the chase. (A New Mode)

Are you a new couple this holiday season? Here's your "survival guide." (iVillage)

Some famous authors are so bad at sex writing that you'd guess they'd never had sex. (Betty Confidential)

Whoa, this cheeky Indian condom advertisement will make you very paranoid. (College Candy)

Help your sex life go beyond the merely physical. Make it spiritual. (Huffington Post)

At a loss for what to say to your date in 2012? Here are some great 2012-centric conversation starters. (eHarmony)

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