WTF? 11 Weirdest Sex Studies Of 2011 [GALLERY]


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Roses are red / Violets are blue / These studies are weird / You will say, "Who knew?"

This year, we found out that women think about food more than sex, how easily a woman orgasms has to do with the shape of her lips, one in five women prefer Facebook over sex, and laptops can be bad for sperm. Help! I Can't Stop Facebook Stalking My Boyfriend

Notice a bit of a pattern? There were tons of "people prefer xyz over sex" studies this year. Studies found that people prefer Facebook, cell phones, food and a variety of other things to sex...what gives? Anyway, click below for 11 sex studies from 2011 with weird, unexpected results.

PHOTO GALLERY: WTF? 11 Weirdest Sex Studies Of 2011

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