Relationship Fail: Let's Meet & Get Married For Christmas!

Relationship Fail: Let's Meet & Get Married For Christmas!

Because, who needs a new pair of glasses for the holidays when you can get a new bride?

The other night as we walked home from work, we heard a young woman say to her friend, "My mom asked me what I want for Christmas. I told her, 'Can you buy me a boyfriend? You know, if you see anything tall or handsome.'" That really cracked us up. But this... this isn't as funny. Relationship Fail: I'll Hire You To Be My Christmas Party Date!

A certain 36-year-old in Los Angeles is taking his Christmas wish one step further by posting an ad on Craigslist. Is it really so much to ask for a wife underneath the Christmas tree this year? Seeking Your Soulmate? Use The Secret

Yes, stranger on Craigslist, let's roll right into a red-and-green themed wedding ceremony, complete with eggnog toasts and Panettone cake (you know, to pay homage to your Italian roots). And by New Years, we'll have returned from our holiday high to land peacefully in Los Angeles, completely and undeniably in love — just like in the movies. Relationship Fail: Mushy, Gushy Couple Nausea On Facebook

By the way, what was your name again? 

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