11 Sexiest TV Lines Of 2011

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#BestTVLines2011 is trending on Twitter. Here are some of our favorites from Glee and more.

#BestTVLines2011 is trending on Twitter. Here are some of our favorites. Add your own in the comments!

11. "I'm going to love your baby as much as I love you." -- Chuck on Gossip Girl 

10. "If you talk about class and you're not referring to a room where kids are taught, you have none" -- Anderson Cooper

9. "She's too young for you, bro!" -- Pauly D and Vinnie on Jersey Shore

8.  "Let's flip a coin. Heads I get tail, and tails I get head." -- Pauly D on Jersey Shore

7. "Sometimes a BFF makes you go WTF, but without them, we'd all be a little less richer in our lives." -- Gossip Girl

6. "The people that you work with are, when you get down to it, your very best friends." -- The Office

5. "You like her more than me. She's blonde and awesome and smart. Admit it, just admit it! Now kiss me!" -- Glee

4. "I wish men could have children on their own, like sea horses." -- How I Met Your Mother

3. "You smell like Craigslist." -- Glee

2. "Twinning." -- Jersey Shore

1. "If it tickles your balls, go for it." -- Kourtney Kardashian on Kim & Kourney Take New York

What are your favorite TV lines from this year?


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