Pin It! Our 10 Favorite Love Quotes From Pinterest [GALLERY]


pinterest love quote
Our new obsession, Pinterest, is the coolest website around. Our favorite "pinned" love quotes.

If there's one thing the Internet is good for, it's pictures. If there are two things, it's pictures and quotations. Pinterest, a new website that works like an online bulletin board, brings together these two awesome things into one smorgasboard of fun. There are also recipes, outfit ideas, DIY how-tos and more. But we love the quotes on Pinterest so much that we post one on our Facebook page almost every day. 

Since the launch of Pinterest, the writers, editors and community managers that make this site awesome have been pinning with reckless abandon. (Just check out Faye's and Natalie's Pinterest boards!) Here are 10 of our favorite love quotes on Pinterest. Feel free to pin away! And if you followed YourTango on Pinterest, well we wouldn't mind that either.

PHOTO GALLERY: Our 10 Favorite Love Quotes On Pinterest

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