See Which Sexy Stars Were Nominated For A Golden Globe!


Woody Harrelson, Sofia Vergara, Gerard Butler and Rashida Jones announced the nominations today.

Awards season is really heating up today — as the Golden Globe nominations were just announced!

The Artist scored the most noms, grabbing 6, including Best Comedy or Musical, with The Help and The Descendants close behind with 5 nods each.

Surprises include New Girl being nominated for both Best Comedy and Best Actress and Ryan Gosling being nominated for both Ides of March and Crazy Stupid Love — but not Drive.

The Golden Globes will be presented Jan. 15 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, televised live by NBC and hosted by Ricky Gervais.

Check out the complete list of nominations on TooFab: See Which Sexy Stars Were Nominated For A Golden Globe!

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