10 Worst Celebrity Breakups & Divorces Of 2011


10 Worst Celebrity Breakups & Divorces Of 2011 [PHOTOS]
We all cringed when these celebrity couples called it quits this year.

We've already named the best new couples of this year, but in all honestly, 2011 seemed like the year that relationships just plain fell apart!

No one was safe—celebrities, politicians, and couples who'd been together for 25 years or two were breaking up left and right. It was enough to make us weep here at YourTango, but some celeb breakup announcements definitely hit us harder than others. Check out our gallery to see our reactions to the biggest splits of the year:

PHOTOS: 10 Worst Celeb Breakups & Divorces Of 2011

R.I.P, dear couples. You were great while you lasted! 

Tell us: whose breakup shocked you the most?

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