Playing Games Can Be Good For Your Relationship


Games aren't always about winning. They can be about learning too, as Tokii showed us.

- When it comes to "the in-laws," he's got my back. Personally, I worry about my connection with his family (his mother especially). But apparently he is more concerned that they will run me off. He is also willing to stick up for me in a fight. But most importantly we are clear—live-in parents would be "hell on earth."

Can you hear Queen's "We Are the Champions" playing in the background? That is the sound of my victory. After two weeks of playing games with my guy, I'm at the top of the leader board with a score of 15-8 (BAM!).


Check in next week to see some interesting long-distance trade attempts with the TradingPost. Yes, video chat will be involved.

What kinds of games have you played as a couple to keep your relationship interesting?

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