Why Kristen Stewart 'Stressed' During Breaking Dawn Wedding Scene

Why Kristen Stewart 'Stressed' During Breaking Dawn Wedding Scene

Was the scene hitting Robert Pattinson's girlfriend too close to home, or what?

Rob says when he saw Kristen in her gorgeous custom-made Carolina Herrera wedding gown, he thought she looked 'amazing' — but the wedding wasn't as romantic as you think!

Kristen Stewart was nervous just like any girl would be on her wedding day, Robert Pattinson explained. But even though this occassion was incredibly momentous for her Breaking Dawn character Bella Swan, Kristen couldn't hide her frustration over one uncontrollable factor! Can you guess what is was?

"She looked amazing," Rob tells Capricho magazine. "To me, it was a very easy scene. I didn't have to hide, like Kristen..."

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