Relationship Fail: I'll Hire You To Be My Christmas Party Date!

Relationship Fail: I'll Hire You To Be My Christmas Party Date!

A certain Craigslist user has forgotten that this is real life and not a romantic comedy.

Obviously, someone is a huge fan of The Wedding Date, the 2005 romantic comedy in which Debra Messing hires sexy Dermot Mulroney to be her plus one at her sister's wedding to make her ex-fiancé jealous. Although, what works in the magic of Hollywood cinema doesn't always translate into real life. But hey, a girl can try, right?

In this mildly embarrassing Craigslist ad, A real-life Debra is just looking for her one-night, Christmas party Dermot!

We hope she has a follow-through plan for how she'll keep this whopping big lie going long after the shameful hangover is over and it's back to work as usual Monday morning. Just so you know dear, liars are put on Santa's naughty list. Expect a giant lump of coal—not an extremely gullible and jealous ex-fiancé —in your stocking this Christmas. Relationship Fail: I'm In Love (Oh, And I'm Getting A Divorce)!

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