Tokii: Can This Website Really Improve My Relationship?


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Tokii aims to help couples communicate—one blogger tests it on her long-distance relationship.

In other words, none of our LoveZones match! So when it comes to compatibility we fail, but they do say opposites attract. In our case, my beau is the rationality to my mood swings, and I am the calm to his tempestuous anger. After taking the LoveZones quiz, I do feel like I have a better idea of what keeps him satisfied in our relationship.

After getting set up, the games begin, literally.


Tokii's DiscoveryGames quizzes cover a range of categories like weddings, family, romance, sports, vacations, pregnancy, health, lifestyle and sex (of course, I'm guessing this will be my guy's favorite subject). In every quiz you not only have to answer for yourself but also guess what your partner will say; in the end, both sets of answers are revealed. It's like the Newlywed Game.

I foresee some of the most interesting and useful parts of these games will be the "Add a Thought" and "Share What You Learned" options. Already some of his answers on the "Dirty Little Secrets" game have me wanting to know more…

Check in next week to see how our foray into DiscoveryGames goes, and who is at the top of the leader board (we both have a competitive streak).

Can a website add spice to my long-distance relationship? Will Tokii help us find out things about each other we don't already know? Check back next week!

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