7 Signs Kim Kardashian's Marriage Was Doomed To Fail Fast


The premiere of 'Kourtney And Kim Take New York' contains all the evidence.

The latest installment of Kardashian programming, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, premiered Sunday on E! and the basic premise of the series is simple: Kris and Kim's relationship was doomed from the start. 

We've analyzed the evidence at hand, and broken down the episode into seven examples of why the writing was on the wall for these two. We then determined a winning party for each argument, tallied up the points, and have selected a loser to blame for the divorce. The evidence, below:

He says: "This is so different. I really don't even feel married right now."

She says: "I hope you do."

Winner: Kim (Dude, you just got hitched on TV in front of millions. You're the most married guy in America right now). +1

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