Cyber Monday Links: (More) Sweet Deals To Love

Cyber Monday
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Got a hot date or holiday party coming up? Check out these Cyber Monday beauty and fashion deals.

Cyber Monday deals to love!

Fashion, beauty, homegoods and more. A (long) running list of awesome Cyber Monday deals. (The Frisky)

Video: Cyber Monday shopping tips. (TresSugar)

Photo gallery: 15 irresistible deals. Check out the flirty, date-perfect Juicy Couture dress, and the sexy Missoni bikini. (The Daily Beast)

9 more Cyber Monday deals you don't want to miss, especially if you're a busy mom. (The Stir)

5 ways to avoid impulse buys! This is important. (YouBeauty)

A ton of beauty deals. (Beauty Blogging Junkie)

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