Relationship Fail: I'm In Love (Oh, And I'm Getting A Divorce)!

Relationship Fail: I'm In Love (Oh, And I'm Getting A Divorce)!
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What a very informative Facebook status.

Announcing you're in love via a Facebook status update will always be tacky, but this latest Relationship Fail we found may be the worst instance yet. Relationship Fail: Will You Marry Me For A Green Card?

Notice everyone's confusion when "G" declares she's in love "again"... when she's already married.

"Oh, my husband? Ha! I totally forgot about him. Gosh, he's so five minutes ago. My seventh grade boyfriend is where it's at now."

Yes, it sure sounds like you're moving on up, "G." You're too fast to even stop for reflection... or punctuation.

If you find an example of a particularly annoying, funny or weird thing that couples or singles post online—whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Craigslist or another site—we'd love to see it! Send your submissions to You won't regret it, but the offending person will!


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