Being A Work-At-Home Mom Ain't Easy


busy mom
The struggles of working from home with kids.

Luckily for my marriage, my husband understands that I have little time for anything besides taking care of my daughter and working. While working moms or stay-at-home moms likely enjoy some quiet evening time with their partners, I'm used to talking to my husband over a laptop and doing my best impression of someone who actually has a minute to pay attention to what he's saying.

For now, I have accepted that working at night while my daughter needs me less allows me to give (nearly) all of myself to both roles. And while this makes for a jam packed schedule during the week, we're all just working for the weekends anyway, right? You see, work from home moms are just like you!

I know that as moms, we're all busy. We all have guilt. And we're all messing up our kids by trying so hard NOT to mess up our kids. I get it. But the next time I see a WM and a SAHM duking it out in the ring, I'd certainly like to step in and fight for all the WAHMs out there.

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