Robert Pattinson On Annoying Kristen Stewart & His Own Wedding


Robert Pattinson On Annoying Kristen Stewart & His Own Wedding
The Breaking Dawn star on offending his girlfriend, what he has in mind for his own wedding & more!

It wasn't love at first bite for Robert Pattinson. Ask him how it felt to turn Kristen Stewart into one of his kind—a red eyed, blood thirsty, attractive vampire—in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, and he says that those weren't love bites he was giving her during a scene where Bella gives birth.

"I didn't bite Kristen at all," says Pattinson, 25, reclining on a couch in his suite at the Four Seasons Hotel. He wears jeans and a black shirt. His professional 'mussed hair is there for him to run a hand through when he gets nervous. Yes, interviews still make him a bit nervous, but he's a sweet guy in person. In fact, he likes to giggle at the questions.


Right now, he's giggling and talking about biting Bella several times. "It was a dummy that I bit because I had to bite hard," he says. "Bella refuses to turn into a vampire and she's dying. Edward is frantic. He's losing the love of his life." 3 Reasons Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's Relationship Works

"My head was stuck between a dummy's legs getting cream cheese and jelly all over me when the baby is born. I pull out a three-week old infant," he says with a giggle. "Then I have to bite Bella. It was all a bit surreal."

Pattinson says his entire Twilight journey has been a bit surreal. But he was happy to discuss fame, love, childbirth, and those racy honeymoon scenes in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (out this Friday) with us:
Can you talk about this journey you've taken over these years as vampire Edward Cullen?
I love this journey. In fact, most of the time I've ignored the fact that Edward is a vampire. I ignored that he was 108-years old except for metaphorical reasons. You're left with a really troubled teenager who is getting content with himself. He's content in this story marrying a woman he loves and accepting this child that they've created.

We find out that Edward is a tough guy to love sometimes because he's filled with self-loathing. Breaking Dawn finally explains why Edward is such a tortured boyfriend and now, husband. Word is you supported telling his back-story.
I always thought that self-loathing was so key to Edward's character. Remember, he's 108 and the guy has never achieved what he wanted to achieve in life because he's stuck in this adolescence. He's a loving person, but he's also one of those guys who thinks nothing is fair. He has been living in a certain way for about 100 years. But it's very difficult to portray that side of Edward, plus the love story at the same time. I was pushing to tell more about him as a younger vampire. We do a flashback scene that reflects his anger. 10 Reasons Dating A Vampire Would Suck

How has playing Edward changed you?
I guess I've been presented with a whole variety of obstacles in terms of growing up and figuring out who I want to be. This fame is like walking through a very complicated maze. I feel it hasn't really slowed down. It has been fun and totally bizarre. I didn't even know if I'd continue acting before this happened. Now, I have much more of a drive and passion for it.

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