Relationship Fail: Will You Marry Me For A Green Card?

Relationship Fail: Will You Marry Me For A Green Card?
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Our new column finds the best relationship fails on the web for a lesson of what not to do online.

Welcome to our new column, Relationship Fail, where we'll be showcasing the disastrous, hilarious, sad, and pathetic things people do online in the name of love. Our first installment is a doozy we found on Craigslist—you'll have to read it to believe it.

We get that the search for "the one" online is difficult and requires lots of time and attention, but do you really need to cut your efforts down to be this dry, unromantic, and logistical? Check out what one 33-year-old New Yorker posted in Craigslist personals:

Ahh yes, because nothing says love like a business transaction! Why doesn't this chap just look for a roommate instead of a desperate-for-citizenship wife? That forum is only one column over on Craigslist—we suggest you go there instead, buddy. Dating Disaster: Stop Crying And Get Off My Porch

If you find an example of a particularly annoying, funny or weird thing that couples or singles post online—whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Craigslist or another site—we'd love to see it! Send your submissions to You won't regret it, but the offending person will!


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