What Guys Think Links: Where Are All The Nice Single Guys?


a good man
They're out there, ladies.

It's the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year of this century for another few hours, and our great friends at HowAboutWe have some ideas on how you can enoy it with a date. Too bad baseball season is over, cuz I think we should eat 11 hot dogs and drink 11 beers during an 11th inning baseball game. I'll hold your hair while you puke if you promise same.

And finally, there comes a time in a man's life when food is more important that sex. And, per Mr. John DeVore (the dude from The Frisky), that time isn't exclusively when he's starving. Something something to a man's something is through the stomach.


*Note: We know very well that Flannery O'Connor wrote "A Good Man Is Hard To Find." You've been pranked!

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