What To Wear To Meet His Family


What to Wear to Meet His Family
What you wear should certainly reflect your personal style, and be simple and classic.

So, it’s not your appearance that will make them decide whether or not you’re a keeper, but it’ll ease your nerves as you meet his family and help with that first impression. Just like going to a job interview, you want to look qualified and pulled together. Look great, and you’ll feel great!

Author Bio: As a newlywed, I am fully versed in making impressions on new family members. While I may not be a professional stylist, I pride myself on choosing fashion that looks polished and classic, and I’m always helping friends choose their first date and meet the parents outfits. Although I’m a writer for Handbag Heaven by day, outside of work I take joy in being a matchmaker, a newlywed, and a momma to my precious puppy, Luna.

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