Taylor Lautner: I'll Never Get Tired Of The Screaming Girls


Taylor Lautner: I'll Never Get Tired Of The Screaming Girls
The 'Breaking Dawn' star is breaking hearts... 800 girls at a time.

You're also known for your body. Is it hard to maintain being that buff?
Trust me, it's just as hard to maintain muscle as it is to put it on. I spend a lot of time in the gym and I have to eat, but the right stuff. There are days when I just really want a little ice cream, and I might treat myself if I'm not shooting.

Why have you never copped an attitude?
I'm young. I'm making movies! Why would I complain? I'm the last guy who is going to complain about being famous. I'm someone who wanted this life. I went on auditions and was told 'no' as a kid. I hoped that I could act in films. I knew I could deal with everything that went with that life. 5 Kristen Stewart Traits That Robert And Men Love


Has your personal life changed dramatically with this fame?
I get to do what I love to do, but I have the same life that I had before. I go home. I see my family. I hangout with my friends and I play football. I help out around the house and do the same things. I think that's really important. That's what helps you stay grounded.

Are you close to your family?
Over the past year I've only been home for five weeks, but I'm definitely very close with my family. They're always visiting me. It gets lonely on set or when you're traveling, so it's always great to have someone with you.

What do your friends think of your success?
Honestly, my friends treat me the exact same, which is great—I wouldn't want it any other way. That would just be weird. My friends are very supportive and come out to the events. They watch the premieres and see the movies, but they still razz me.

What do you do when you need a break?
That's a good question! I'm having fun right now. I'm promoting and traveling, which I really enjoy. In fact, I love traveling. So, I'm having a great time. I'm definitely the kind of guy who finds time to relax. I find my down time.

Tell us: will you be going to see Breaking Dawn when it comes out?

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