Every man you should avoid, and I've dated all of them.


Every man you should avoid, and I've dated all of them.
There are certain types of men that women fall victim to. Don't fall into the trap...

When I got hitched at 18 after only having experienced one 'serious' relationship and a couple of casual time fillers, I truly believed that I would be one of the lucky few who would never have to 'get back out there' again. Needless to say when you marry the person you want to see rather than acknowledging who is really in front of you, a union so blind is bound to falter. And that it did; I became a divorcee and single parent at the ripe old age of 21. Dating in your twenties is nauseating enough as it is with the prospects that roam todays' streets, adding a history like mine under your belt can only magnify the worst that is yet to be.



I'm not a bed hopper, a man sharer, or a 'sexually confused' mess of a whore who plays on both teams to double her chances at finding love through sought out desperate validation. I'm just a simple woman who has made a lot of stupid choices in the opposite sex, and I'm embarrassed to admit, all willingly. I could blame every one of my exes completely, have them be the hunchbacks of my stories and go on my merry way as if I didn't have any hand in the relationships demise, but just like it takes two willing parties to jump in the sack for a casual fling, it takes two to keep a bad relationship running its' course. I more than own up to my contributions of my dating history, and with each new experience I take lessons learned and apply them to my next partnership in hopes of avoiding all of the ridiculous shit that came before.


As physical appearances go I don't have a 'type'. I've got certain friends that have cycled through their own personal lives where it seems they date the same man/woman over and over again (looks wise). Hell, a lot of people do it! It all comes down to pheromones and our body's chemical desire that is driven to seek out partners with certain features that will help us produce beautiful offspring. It's common science, but that's another article...It has never manifested that way for me at all. I've dated short guys, tall guys, ones with light hair, ones with dark hair, blue eyes, brown eyes, big dicks, little dicks, little dicks who believed they had big dicks (yeah, I'm sure you've been there too). I've had quite the plethora of different appearances as my dating experiences have gone. However, it has becomes duly noted that the vast majority I've welcomed into my small world have all shared one common personality trait; being a selfish, arrogant asshole.


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