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Appreciation.  I have always lived a life of selflessness.  Putting family, friends and even work first.  Dependable and reliable to a fault.  I'm the "go to person" when you're in a jam, need something done ASAP, affording those the ability to travel by watching their, dog, kids, elderly, etc.  I have even worked out my schedule to suit theirs.  Do I feel appreciated, by many that matter yes.  Never any doubt when it comes to watching my precious nephew.  In other cases, sometimes it becomes more of expected and second nature.  And so at times, it's only human to feel unappreciated when after doing so much for others, nothing quite comparable is acknowedged nor done in return.  Maybe just the pure sense of knowing that what I've done has helped and immeasurable in scope...But who knows maybe it's just the way of the world.  And maybe when it's my turn to ask, there will be someone to do for me, as I've done for them.  


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