Justin Timberlake Would Choose Love Over His Looks Any Day


Justin Timberlake Would Choose Love Over His Looks Any Day
Mr. JT dishes on working with his ex, kissing Amanda Seyfried and his tried-and-true love advice.

What was it like to work with your ex, Cameron Diaz, on Bad Teacher, which is now out on DVD?
We're still friends, and knowing each other was a great way to trust working together. Plus, nobody does a role like this better than Cameron. We had an awesome time making the movie. She's just great. Playing Matchmaker: 5 Guys Cameron Diaz Should Date

You're so great at comedy. Is that your favorite genre? You're also an amazing Saturday Night Live host.
I grew up loving comedy above all else. SNL was always my thing. I would beg my mom to stay up and see this show and she wasn't so convinced. This show was advanced! There were years when I was a little bit too young to hear some of those jokes. I didn't even get some of the political skits, but I was laughing along with the rest of the country. Lorne Michaels allows me to host the show and rock out.


Why did you want to become a singer?
Ever since I was a really little boy I always sang. So I figured out that that was sort of my calling. I didn't really have to think about it because I knew it was always there, that it's what I should be doing.

Are you leaving music for movies?
I love how I'm asked if I'm leaving music, which isn't true. It's not like I said I'm never doing music again. I'm always doing music. It is possible to do two things at the same time — even for a guy. You know, we're never supposed to be able to do two things at the same time.

Was it hard to be the music guy at first who wanted to make movies?
It was hard at first to convince the world that you're serious when you come to the acting world as someone who is known for getting on a stage every night and rocking the house. There's a stigma attached to it. People think musicians are so demanding. It's the whole, "I need white flowers in my dressing room and if there are any red ones, someone is getting it." It's such nonsense. I've never said I will only eat yellow M&Ms in my dressing room. It's all so ridiculous.

How did the big success of The Social Network affect you?
I was blown away at the film's success. It was the greatest experience of my life because it was just so intense, which is how I love to work. I think of myself as the linebacker. I'm going to be there doing take after take, or taking the hits until we win. We made a movie about people sitting in a room talking to each other, yet you're hanging off the edge of your seat watching it. How Facebook Is Ruining Your Marriage

What about new music?
I'm always thinking about it, writing it. Music is always on my mind.

If you had to pick…music or movies?
It's strange, but working on movies can be way more personal than making music. With music, you write a song and it's sort of this sound fantasy. But when you're in a movie, it might be a fantasy situation, but it's your job to make it real. Does that make any sense?

Did you like Justin better as a singer or an actor?

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