No Shave November: Dudes, Where's Your Chest Hair?


No Shave November: Dudes, Where's Your Chest Hair?
It may be No Shave November, but men are shaving a lot more these days. Body image issues?

I have to say, I've never dated a man with chest hair… or at least not the excessive chest hair you'd see on a 1975 male lead in a Hollywood movie. I'm not opposed to it — in fact, I'm more opposed to men waxing what chest hair they do have — I've just never dated hairy people, I suppose. While I appreciate the toned, hairless abs of a male model gazing upon me from high upon a Billboard on Houston Street, I know it's not real and in not being real, it's not my idea of sexy. But hey, I've never been into muscles either, so what do I know? What's sexy is being completely at home in your body, and if that, gentlemen, means rolling into the gym every day and waxing your body free of all hair, more power to you. You have the right to be just as body-image obsessed as lots of women. Now where's my Vogue? I need my daily dose of insecurity.  

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