Kim Kardashian's Divorce: More to the Fairy Tale


Kim Kardashian's Divorce: More to the Fairy Tale
Kim K calling it quits after 72 days —what value can we all take from this fantastic Fairy Tale...?

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are filing for divorce —but are any of us (including the slew of guests who watched the ceremony live in person) really surprised? Sadly we’re not. That’s not because we wished them ill will or wanted to see Kim’s prince turn into a pumpkin either. But honestly, how many of these whirlwind engagements with ostentatious over the top nuptials do we need to see before we all admit to knowing that a successful relationship let alone a marriage requires much more than luxury vacations, multi-million dollar trappings, an exclusive registry and a gigantic diamond ring. Oh and let’s not forget about the fairy tale wedding —ironically it’s the one thing they served us accurately... a fantastic fairy tale captured within a wedding album destined to be shelved somewhere.

There’s a reason I say love is business. The lack of foresight, honesty and old fashioned 1 + 1 = 2 kind of calculating is precisely why we need to get it together and take a business approach to our love lives. The truth is we are all creating equations in our lives every day, and the results of those equations is exactly what we then experience.


Is it easy to get caught up in love? Yes. Is it easy to be swept off your feet? Yes. Should you make decisions such as marriage while you’re up there in the air? THUMP! No you shouldn’t.

Have many of us done it? YES! Guilty as charged, which is one of the reasons I have such crystal clear insight on how to recycle experiences, bounce your baggage and attract the relationship you desire with power. When it comes to love, the key is to take a personal inventory on what you’re doing, how it’s working and what kind of results your choices & actions are yielding. Only then can you determine how far you are from your desired target, so you can recalculate and make corrections that will create the love portfolio you’re craving.

I don’t know Kim Kardashian, thus I will not make any assumptions about what was driving her to make this latest round of choices. I’m not going to lie about being incredibly disturbed by her mother Kris’ insatiable appetite for maintaining and monetizing her mama mogul presence and Kardashian brand in the media. For this reason I think it’s sad that Kim even has to field questions about her intention with regard to participating in a money making charade for TV. I can’t imagine Kim with the empire she has wanting to intentionally put herself through a sensational wedding capped off with a failed marriage only 72 days later. What would have been nice is having seen fierce mama Kris encouraging Kim and Kris to seriously think about what they were doing and take their time rather than obsessing over wedding details and arranging cameras for the E! special.

Did Kim and Kris even know each other? Had they envisioned what daily life behind and in front of the cameras would actually look like so they’d know whether it was possible to sustain? Had they given themselves enough time to get beyond the potential of their relationship to see the reality of it? Who knows. What’s done is done and the lavish show we’ve just seen holds valuable lessons for more than the Kardashian and Humphrey clan.

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