It's Over Already! Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce


It's Over Already! Kim Kardashian Files For Divorce
Unfortunately, Kim and Kris won't be living happily ever after, even with that fairy tale wedding!

"As for the division of their assets, the couple did indeed have a prenuptial agreement, and the 29-year-old reality star requested that the terms of that agreement be upheld. Additionally, she listed 'miscellaneous jewelry and other personal effects' as well as 'earrings and accumulations' amassed by Kim before, during and after her marriage be confirmed as separate property. No word on whether that includes her $2 million, 20.5-carat diamond ring."

"As for attorney and legal fees, Kim made clear that she would prefer his 'n hers payments, requesting that each party pay their own court fees."


Are you surprised that Kim and Kris didn't last? Do you think it was all a sham?

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