How Saving Memories Strengthens My Marriage


How Saving Memories Strengthens My Marriage
One mom discovers an easier (and more romantic) way to document family moments.

3. Do the simple things daily. Look for memories to jot down and try to take several photos every week. If you're both aware that there are always stories to tell, scrapbooking is easy. Leave some simple materials in an accessible area so that it will be easy for the two of you to scrapbook the ideas from that day when you have five extra minutes.

4. Bring your camera. Encourage your partner to take a camera when he's alone with the kids, even if it’s just a camera phone, and ask him to snap a few shots of their adventure.


5. Find your inspiration. Look for inspiration in magazines and online galleries. Doing this with your partner is a fun way to see how scrapbooks can be part of your life.

6. Forget about perfection. Don’t worry about making photos perfect. Use what you have and just focus on getting the story down.

7. Don’t compare. Your partner might be worried because his pages will never live up to the perfection of yours, but offer positive words of encouragement to each other. In the end, the point isn't the perfection of the album. It's your child's knowledge that both his or her parents found such joy in their childhood that they wanted to preserve it forever. 10 Tips To Re-Bond With Your Child/Children

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