Love & Beauty Links: How To Stop The 'Fat Talk'

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Plus, 6 sexy Halloween costumes men hate, but women love.

Do you engage in "fat talk?" Admit it, most of us do it. But why didn't our grandmothers? What's changed? Here's how to battle a negative body image once and for all. It's the most important thing you'll ever do for yourself. (YouBeauty)

So, Jenna Lyons just came out as a lesbian. Does this mean she'd make a great "inside-jokey" Halloween costume, or not so much? In case this idea floats your boat, The Frisky has some ideas for what to wear. (The Frisky)

Speaking of Halloween costumes, here are 6 sexy costumes men hate and women love. (The Gloss)

Which designer made the "sexiest shoe of the year," a lacy peep-toe pump? Find out... (Shine)

Which celebs look even better without makeup? (CollegeCandy)

A huge photo gallery of all of Beyonce's hairstyles. (Madame Noire

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