Go Ask Alice: The 10 Most Sexually Healthy Colleges In The U.S.

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Columbia University was named an "institution of higher banging" by Trojan.

Our Ivy League neighbor down the road, Columbia University, has been named the most sexually healthy college in the country for the second year straight, according to rankings from Trojan. They evaluated 140 institutions of higher learning on the basis of their sexual health resources — providing free condoms, STD testing and the like. Columbia gets the accolades for its frank and informational Go Ask Alice website. As far as a college health website goes, it really, really wins: The latest posts include candid discussions on a woman's difficulty of reaching orgasm, whether drinking and smoking for stress relief is a problem, and... armpit staph (ew, but awesome that it's being talked about). This is the kind of info about sex college students should get — not preaching about abstinence or typical fratboy misogyny. To see the other nine colleges, visit: The Huffington Post: The 10 Most Sexually Healthy Colleges


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