Taking care of ourselves include taking time to include a lovelife.

With the rush in today's life women are on the front dealing with several different things at the same time... To begin with, the percetage of women raising their children on their own is no more a surprise for anyone. Before we were raised with the idea that fathers provide for their family, and mothers see to the education of the children... Today more and more women face the fact that they have to endorse both  roles, leaving them with no time for taking care of themselves. Taking care of ourselves include taking time to include a lovelife. We should not forget that we need our space and itis take time to rebuild our energy level to be able to face all the challenges waiting for us every single day. Through my job I meet people everyday but funny enough I met my great Love online and have been in a LDR ever since which is nearly 11 months now...and I am living a passionate loving life...we are fully engaged and committed to each other, yes it is possible! My LDR made me aware of how precious Love is. Nothing is granted, caring for each other even distance cannot stop that...

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