Dating Disaster: I Was Really Late, He Was Really Drunk


watch in a glass
The red flags of excessive drinking and chronic lateness do their best to ruin a great thing.

My new boss Kip, raised on the philosophy that you're not paid for your actual work but for your time, had a few questions for me. The phone reception at the bar was spotty on a good day and the coverage grew worse the deeper I went inside. After giving Sean the symbol for "Sorry, this is work, can you believe it? Of all the rotten luck, it'll just take a sec..." I was off to the street. "The Kipper" needed to talk through a few things regarding a project I was working on. We talked through several issues that probably could've waited eleven hours but were "serious." I looked to my left and saw Sean was looking at me through the window. I smiled at him and began taking my call on a brisk walk, which lasted a solid 25 minutes. 

As I finally hung up, I looked down and through the sweat I'd built up from my walk-and-talk to see I had missed a few calls, which I assumed were Sean telling me he had sold my discount clothing items and I'd never see him again. But, they were from my friend Amanda. After listening to her barely audible message, I sent Sean a text letting him know that I'd be back in a jiffy. He responded, "Ok." Not good. Text Message Flirting For Beginners

It turns out Amanda had guy problems (as usual). The initial tone of the conversation led me to believe that the problem was serious, but it ended up being more of an "All guys are assholes" call. I kept intimating that I'd talk to her later but couldn't actually hang up on her—she was my friend, and I barely knew this incredibly patient guy knocking back Budweisers at the bar. I sent a one-sentence update to Sean that went something like, "Best friend having guy problems, pls eat, see u soon." I paced and talked Amanda off of a make-believe ledge. Sean did not write me back.