Are You Doomed To Cheat?


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Science says some women are more likely to stray than others.

And here's a doozy: One study found that women with prominent chins are more promiscuous and thus potentially more likely to cheat.What A Woman's Chin Says About Her Sex Drive

While Haltzman notes that this too may be related to testosterone levels, none of these studies truly explain, or excuse, the decision to cheat. "What bothers me about those studies is that having affairs is a complicated experience," Haltzman says. "It's a combination of emotional and biological needs being met or not being met. [The findings of these studies] may create biological pushes to reproduce. They may cause higher sex urges. But that doesn’t necessarily mean women are going to cheat."


Just because women may be more emotionally inclined to cheat during fertile times doesn’t make them more likely to cheat in real life, Pillsworth says.

Are you at risk of cheating? Take the quiz below. If you’re answering "yes" to any or all of the questions, back off your flirtation, stat. "The best way to prevent this type of emotional connection from developing into an affair is to break off relationships with that person," says Haltzman.

At the same time, talk to your partner about the attraction—and the issues that may be causing you to look elsewhere. "When you remove the mystery and intrigue from a possible affair, it loses some of its attractiveness. This is not an easy conversation, to be sure. But remember that it will be a much easier conversation than one that takes place after an affair has started," says Haltzman.

Whatever you do, don't dismiss your wandering eye as harmless, especially if marriage troubles are driving you to check out other guys. According to Halztman, "you should be redoubling efforts to improve the quality of your marriage, rather than seeking to go outside the marriage to solve things."

Are You At Risk of Cheating?

1. Are you attracted to someone else (at work, a neighbor or online)? Are you beginning to form a close friendship with that person?

2. Have you kept this friendship a secret from your husband?

3. Are you increasingly critical of your spouse, turned off by small things that never bothered you before?

4. Is your close social circle full of people who are having affairs? Or people who are divorced and dating a lot?

5. Are you putting extra care into your clothes, hair and makeup before you go anywhere you might run into a certain other guy (even if you insist to yourself you’re not interested in him)?

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