The Best Places For Single Moms To Meet Men


The golf course is a great place to meet men.
Relationship experts offer their go-to hot spots for single moms looking for love.

3. Get set up. Ask everyone you know for set-ups—not just your friends and family, but acquaintances, too. Moore says most people know hundreds of people but only ask those three or five people in their closest circle for a set up. Think broader, she says, and don’t be shy. Lifetime Moms: Why Won't My Male Friends Hook Me Up? My Life Inside the Emergency Box

Feeling more empowered, my next stop was Lori Edelson, a psychotherapist specializing in couples therapy in the metro Detroit area. Edelson has been advising men, women and couples for over 30 years. She suggested that I hit the gourmet market or a grocery store’s prepared food department. Apparently Monday night is a good night to see what handsome piece of “meat” might be picking up a pre-cooked chicken. Worth a try, since I’m probably going there anyway. Just have to add some lipstick to my coupon folder. 


Dog parks at lunch time (shouldn’t he be at work?) or on weekends are also good picks, Edelson said. And if you’re willing to shell out a few bucks, Eldelson suggests looking into dinner meetings for singles like the “Eight at Eight” Dinner Club. Eight at Eight is a dating service (available in New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Washington, DC) that selects a mix of four single women and four single men matched by age, interests, and background to meet for dinner. 

But what if all four single women like the same guy? Been there. Done that. Or all the guys like only one of us? … And it’s not me? Sounds like a risky set up for potential rejection, and I like my rejection FREE thank you very much. I may look into a dinner meeting eventually, but I think I’ll try the golf range and ask around more for referrals first. Keep you posted.

Written by Kimberly Seals Allers for Lifetime Moms.

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