5 Ways To Curb Your Nagging


Turning a complaint into a polite request can save your relationship.

3. Hire a cleaning service. Some couples find that this is the easiest solution. After all, it eliminates the resentment of always having to ask your partner to help out. Many women get angry simply about the asking part. If you’re one of them, forking out a little cash to save your relationship may be worth it. Of course, this solution only helps with cleaning-related nagging. A cleaning service can’t force your man to get on a treadmill.

4. Don’t bombard him. Studies suggest that men are not good at multitasking. That’s why it’s important to ask one thing at a time. Don’t wake him up at 6 a.m. Saturday with a list of chores. When he gets home from work, give him time to unwind with a beer or video game before you unleash your requests. Make him believe he's doing things on his own time.  


5. Praise and/or reward him. Although it seems unfair that women rarely get rewarded for cleaning or scheduling an annual physical, we as females must swallow our pride and praise men for accomplishing tasks that we do each day without a second thought. Men love having their egos stroked, and doing so can only benefit us in the end by ensuring they will stop procrastinating. And if you’re dating a man who naturally helps out and keeps the house tidy, treasure him like the rare gem that he is. 


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