Why We Love Reverse Spooning


spoons crossed
Being the little spoon isn't just for ladies. Plus, the perfect sex move for spooning.

Jessica: Yeah, and not to mention, my arms aren't big enough to properly spoon.

Natalie: But I think it also depends on the relationship dynamic. 


Tom: I go both ways. Depends on if I'm feeling like a top or bottom.

Kyla: I think it depends on the person, sometimes the little spoon gets locked in and you can't get up and move around (or leave) when you want to because they are passed out and won't move! ... Maybe that's just me; I say being big spoon has its advantages.

Krissy: Agreed, I can breathe better as big spoon.

Jessica: Funny how this spooning thing can be an issue, but you never hear a guy complaining about "cowgirl:" Maybe it has something to do with the cuddling aspect?

Krissy: You mean the domination/who's in charge thing?

Jessica: Yeah

Tom: I also used to like to sleep facing the wall, and this was the only way for contact.

Jessica: Sometimes I'm the runaway spoon. I don't like to be restricted when I sleep. I move A LOT.

Faye: I love spooning every which way! Haha.

Krissy: Sometimes I'm the runaway spoon too, inside or outside. If I'm being cuddled, it's tough for me to concentrate on sleeping!

Tom: Have you tried: "Listen, I like you. A LOT. But I'm going to be an absolute bear if I don't get some sleep. At some point in the morning, I will molest you, rest assured." 

Are you the big spoon, little spoon or runaway spoon? Or maybe a little bit of each?

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