Think Your Child Is Gay? You Probably Don't Need An App For That


Is my son gay?
Technology's no substitute for openness in any family.

3. Start doing research.

"If you suspect your child is gay, try and get a sense of what he or she may be going through," said Danny. The more information you have, the better you will understand what your child may be feeling or experiencing, and the more prepared you will be to respond. The It Gets Better Campaign is a great place to start.


4. Don’t assume this is just a phase.

This is likely the most controversial of all their suggestions, especially in light of religious beliefs and a lack of scientific evidence to back it up. However, many gay people admit that they recognize their same-sex attraction at an early age, and sense that it is something they were born with. Regardless of your personal beliefs, try and listen to your child with an open mind, and validate the feelings they are having. "The most frustrating thing about the 'Is My Son Gay?' app is that it invalidates our very real emotions," Kevin said. "It turns coming out into some kind of a joke; yet, it was one of the hardest things any of us have had to do."

5. Tell them, as often as possible, that you will love them no matter what.

All three agreed that what they feared most was rejection from their families. "I love my mom more than anything," Ricky said, "and to think that she might not accept me was the hardest thing." 

Perhaps one day there will be an app for all of this. After all, when smartphone visionary, Steve Jobs, died last week, NPR claimed that his biggest accomplishment of all was his ability to realize what the public wanted before they knew it themselves. However, if a legitimate smartphone app is developed, hopefully it will foster discussions between parents and kids, instead of exist as a one-sided tool for parents to make guesses about their children.

What about you? Have you been in this situation before, as a parent or a child? If so, what advice can you give? 4 Ways Family And Friends Help Our Relationships

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