Exclusive! Ryan Gosling: "I Think I'm A Pretty Weird-Looking Guy"


Ryan Gosling
The 'Ides Of March' star on his sexy image, working with George Clooney & his longest relationship.

You look so amazing in Crazy, Stupid, Love. Did you keep all those hot suits?
They didn't give me the suits. I wanted those suits, too! Now, I bet they're in some clothing warehouse. Who does that serve? They fit me really good! Now that I'm an actor, I need suits to go to premieres and do press, plus I like wearing them.

Is it tough on your life to be this busy?
It's actually great. I feel like this is a very creative period. I want to play everything under the sun.


How did you deal with the early rejection?
When you're a young actor, most people tell you on a daily basis that it's not possible or you can't do it. You hear that it will never happen for you. Get a day job. Nobody believes in you, except for a few people. You tune the others out. You numb yourself, if you're smart. Hero Of Our Dreams: Ryan Gosling Breaks Up An NYC Fight

That's good life advice for anyone.
It's really the same for everyone. If you listen to other people in life, you really wouldn't ever do anything. You'd be too afraid to try. I just believe in the people who had belief in me when I was starting out. I've never changed and neither have they.

Do you think Ryan Gosling is "weird-looking"?

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