Why It's OK To Sometimes Fake Your Orgasms

Why It's OK To Sometimes Fake Your Orgasms

Why It's OK To Sometimes Fake Your Orgasms

Life isn't a movie or romance novel. Sometimes it's better to fake it than hurt his feelings.

Ladies, 60 percent of us are liars. As in, we're liars in the bedroom.

It doesn't come as much of a surprise to hear recent findings that 60 percent of women fake orgasms. Nor is it really shocking to hear the reasons why. We're tired. Our guy is trying hard, so we want him to feel good. We just want sex to be over. 10 Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasms

Again, no surprises there. But some men — one blogger in particular — are speaking out against the fake orgasm, claiming (as Jezebel puts it), "ladies faking orgasms perpetuates the idea that sex is for men and that their pleasure doesn't matter." Essentially, the blogger, Yashar Ali, believes that by faking our sexual climax, we're boosting the already-inflated male ego.

Fittingly, the title of the post in question is, "He doesn't deserve your validation." He goes on to say, "The fake orgasm is just another moment in which a woman sacrifices for a man without receiving anything in return and worse, it leaves them feeling sexually unfulfilled."

Interesting point, Mr. Blogger.

Are we just tools for the male orgasm? We'd like to think not. But in reality, faking it is a woman's choice to make. In an ideal world, two sexual partners would reach their climax at the same time, fall into a heavy, sweaty heap onto the bed, and cuddle until the sun rises or they're ready for round two. 4 New Orgasm Tips To Try Tonight

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