Are Occupy Wall Street Protesters Better Lovers?

occupy wall street

"My girlfriend wants me to pay for everything." "Tell her, 'I'm going through a financial crisis.'"

Nerve recently made the pilgrimage to the Financial District and decided to ask the Occupy Wall Street protesters for sex advice, which of course they had plenty of, given that they're mostly unemployed teenagers with too much free time on their hands (zing). Here are some choice quotes:

Do you think chivalry is outdated?
Dave, 32: I don't know. Wasn't there this phase in the nineties when girls wanted to pay their own way? It seems like that may have faded a bit, but some women still insist on paying for themselves. I think most women are indifferent.

Why are Occupy Wall Street protesters better lovers?
Holly, 19: We really have a thing for punk boys, and there are a lot of punk boys here.  

If Occupy Wall Street were a sex position, how would it work?
Holly, 19: It would be dirty and smell like shame. There would be lots of hungry people involved.
Lola, 18: And voyeurism!  

(Nerve: Sex Advice From Occupy Wall Street Protesters)

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