'L Word' Star Kicked Off An Airplane For Kissing Her Girlfriend?!


Leisha Hailey
Leisha Hailey was told by the Southwest flight crew to "stop."

Yikes. Southwest Airlines has sure been digging a deep discriminating hole for themselves in these past few years. This time they've gone too far, and hopefully people will start thinking twice before flying with them. I mean, what's next? Say there's an emergency on the runway and people need to evacuate the plane. Who will they let off first? White people? Straight people? Skinny people? Lady Gaga At The VMAs: Are Public Lesbian Kisses Passe?

Leisha is now using Twitter to urger her followers to boycott the airline. She's also claiming she has video footage of the discriminatory act. "Did I mention to @SouthwestAir that I have a lot of their actions recorded on audio and video? RT #boycottSouthwest #discrimination," she tweeted.


Southwest Airlines has issued a statement claiming that their flight crew approached the actress and her girlfriend because of their "behavior ... not gender."

Man, we would really love to see that footage, Leisha, to see how it really went down.

Photo Credit: Paul Michaud/Showtime

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