8 Sexy Celeb Libras Who Match Their Astrological Sign

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Gwen Stefani
Who's charming, creative and craves balance? These sexy Libras!

It's your month, Libras!

Those celebrating their birthday between September 23 and October 22 are lucky enough to call themselves Libras. Represented by the scales, they're the seventh sign of the zodiac ruled by planet Venus: the planet of love and desire. Libras are commonly known to be:


  • Extremely social; they like surrounding themselves with groups of people
  • Cravers of balance in all areas of life; they often put themselves in other's shoes
  • Graceful and charming; they make excellent hosts
  • Creative and intellectual; they like to challenge themselves
  • Appreciative of beauty in all of its forms; lovers of luxury
  • At times too selfless, forgetting to tend to their own needs
  • Desperate for love and approval from others

These characteristics may sound familiar to celebrities like Gwen Stefani and her fellow famous Libras. Check out our photos to find out why these 8 sexy stars match their astrological sign so perfectly.

PHOTOS: 8 Sexy Celebrity Libras Who Match Their Astrological Sign

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