“Love Architect” Kailen Rosenberg Constructs Relationships


“Love Architect” Kailen Rosenberg Constructs Relationships
What’s a love architect? It’s someone who comes into a person’s love life to repair the cracks.

However, this mindset is easier said than done. “Sadly, most times, we choose to turn a blind eye to things that are not good for us, and eventually, it comes crashing down. Then, we no longer have power or control,” says Rosenberg. “I think someone in Maria’s situation would have to ask, ‘Were there signs? How far back? Why did I choose to ignore them?’ It is important for Maria to forgive herself, and as hard as it may sound, to forgive Arnold. The most amazing thing is that sometimes from the deepest trenches of pain, we can end up finding the most amazing love we’ve ever had.”

It always goes back to your past and Rosenberg agrees, “You have to go back to your view on relationships, including that of your mother and father. What was your vision of love, and what is it now? Focus on what loving you means, as well as what is still good and precious in your life. Surround yourself with people who are truthful.”


Kailen’s expertise offers a true gift to those who have lost their way and can’t seem to find happiness on their own. If you ask us, anyone with her track record just may be a descendant of Cupid!

By Deana Meccariello