For College Students, Hooking Up Is More Talk Than Action


For College Students, Hooking Up Is More Talk Than Action
Also, no one has any idea what hooking up actually means.

But even though everyone is talking about who did whom in Monday-morning biology (84 percent of college students talk about hooking up with friends), no one actually knows the details. How far did it go? Did they use protection? Are they in a relationship now? Was it consensual? Though 94 percent of students use it to mean "sex," what truly happens is a mystery. Young Couples Today Prefer "Stayovers" To Cohabitation

But everyone is talking about it. And it's no surprise that more males (63 percent) are hooking up than females (45 percent). The guys are bragging about their conquests from last night and getting high-fives from their bros. Girls are whispering about the newly-anointed sluts from the weekend's frat parties. We claim to be a sexually liberated generation, but one hookup too many can send a girl from sexy to slutty—even if she didn't go all the way. And although college guys are quick to "tap that," even they have standards. College Guys Think 10 Or More Sex Partners Is "Slutty"


Regardless of the perception that "everyone is doing it," hooking up is still more talk than action. Ninety percent of students think two hookups per year is average, but only 37 percent reported two or more hookups in a year. So we are more wholesome than our parents and peers think. But what happened to the old-fashioned belief that college is the perfect place to find your husband or wife? When we are ready to marry, will our "number" be too inflated to find a match, like Anna Faris worries in new chick flick What's Your Number? 

The truth: Once college is over, no one cares who you accidentally had sex with. You can chuck it up to being young and make your sound decisions after college — but always be safe.

Are young people actually hooking up more than they used to, or is it all talk?

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