5 Ways Better Sleep Leads To Better Sex


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If you get more (and more quality) sleep, you can rev up your sex drive.

1. We can stash sleep away.
A game-changing study published in a 2009 issue of Sleep found that we can effectively save up our sleep. In the study, individuals who "banked" their sleep ahead of time by sleeping a little extra each night experienced fewer of the negative side effects of sleep deprivation during a week in which their sleep was severely restricted. Imagine how this might transfer to any area of our lives, including our sex lives. If you know you're up against a tough week ahead (international flights, 12- or 14-hour work days), try to sleep longer on the nights leading up to the ones in which you'll be struggling to get your full seven or eight hours of sleep. Your libido will thank you.

To read the rest of the findings, hop over to The Daily Beast: How Sleep Leads To Better Sex: Five Findings


Written by Debby Herbenick, PhD for The Daily Beast. 

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