3 Things Jason Derulo Is Looking For In His 'It Girl'


You just may have the qualities to take this crooning star off the market.

Wouldn't you love a personal serenade from Jason Derulo? Personally we love watching his dance stunts on YouTube (poplocking and breakdancing included) and wouldn't mind bringing those talents into our bedroom. Well, if you mind your manners and tell good jokes, you just might snag him.

Jason is releasing his second album Future History on Sept. 27, which includes the hit single 'It Girl'. Fox News iMag recently interviewed him to find out exactly what he wants in his perfect woman. 

  1. Selfless: Jason wants a girl who isn't self-absorbed (meaning no Barbie-styled pop stars). But that could also mean he wants a girl who is totally focused on him...
  2. Polite: Remember to say please and thank you, ladies, especially when he spends all his hit album money on your dinner. 
  3. Funny: Who doesn't love a funny girl?

See the video interview at Fox News iMag: Hip Hop Artist Names His It Girl

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