Kiss Me! 10 Best Celebrity PDA Moments Of 2011 [PHOTOS]
Adam Levine couldn't resist her moves like Jagger!
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Kiss Me! 10 Best Celebrity PDA Moments Of 2011

There doesn't need to be a mistletoe or a New Year's Eve countdown for some couples to passionately go at it in public. Some like it for the exciting thrill, others get caught up in the moment, and some simply can't help themselves!

10 Most Memorable Celebrity Weddings Of 2011 [PHOTOS]
See how other weddings stacked up to this royal affair
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10 Most Memorable Celebrity Weddings Of 2011

This year, not only did we wake up at dawn one April morning to watch the televised wedding of the future King and Queen of England, but we also watched our own American reality TV queen walk down the aisle in a lavish ceremony. Add to that a surprise elopement between two A-list stars, an almost-runaway princess bride, and a Las Vegas wedding between two wannabe reality stars with a major age difference.

merry christmas happy holidays
Christmas 101.
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Love Bytes: The Couples' Holiday Survival Guide

27 things men say that are total turn-offs. 20 gifts you absolutely don't want. Enjoying the chase of a new relationship. A new couples' holiday survival guide. Some authors are terrible at writing about sex. Some condom ads are downright scary. How to make sex more spiritual. And, can you dump him before Christmas?

pinterest love quote
"I love you with all of my butt. I would say heart but my butt is bigger."
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Pin It! Our 10 Favorite Love Quotes From Pinterest [GALLERY]

If there's one thing the Internet is good for, it's pictures. If there are two things, it's pictures and quotations. Pinterest, a new website that works like an online bulletin board, brings together these two awesome things into one smorgasboard of fun.

new years hearts
2011: Tech-enhanced flirting! A royal wedding! Elderly roommates!
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12 Major Ways Love & Relationships Changed In 2011

As 2011 winds down, we're taking a look back at the relationship-related news, trends and research that emerged over the course of the year. (Tech-enhanced flirting! A royal wedding! Elderly roommates!) Should old acquaintance be forgot, at least you'll remember these fun facts!

Katie Couric
Yesterday we found out Katie Couric has broken up with her boyfriend Brooks Perlin.
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Katie Couric Breakup: Is 2011 The End Of Cougars?

I was worried when Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher split. But it got worse: Yesterday we found out Katie Couric has broken up with Brooks Perlin, the boyfriend who is young enough to be her son. These aren't even the only celebrity cougar couples that broke up recently — there's been more.

woman dj music
A few of my favorite indie songs about love.
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Angry Single Blogger: The 10 Best NON-LAME Love Songs Of 2011

It seems that my opinion on how important music is to a relationship and how my taste in music is far superior to most people's has ruffled some feathers. So, in an effort to help those poor Lady Gaga, Coldplay and Justin Bieber fans out there, I'm doing them a favor by offering my 10 favorite love songs... that aren't mainstream and lame.

10 Best New Celebrity Couples Of 2011 [PHOTOS]
Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone come in at #4 on our list. Find out who's #1!
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10 Best New Celebrity Couples Of 2011

We have to admit, it was hard to think of 10 new couples who found each other in 2011 – amidst all the headline-making breakups, it doesn't seem like love was in the Hollywood air this year. But lo and behold, when we sat down to hammer out this list of the best new couples of the year, the happy stories from the past 12 months started coming back to us.