Best Of The Web: Vasectomies & Timmy Gordon


Best Of The Web: Vasectomies & Timmy Gordon
Staying friends with an ex and lethal Facebook-ing.

On the flip side of finding the divine spark in a mate is not understanding them. The gang at Love In The Dumps discuss dating the miserably misunderstood person. Before you judge, make sure they don't have Aspergers.

And Lemondrop has 9 betwixt-the-sheets rules that you oughta break right away.  Number 7 is GREAT, Number 3 is bollocks. Decide for yourself. One-Night Stand Rules


My bud Simone Grant takes on her least favorite word: settle. Compromise looks a lot prettier when someone else is doing it, right?

Speaking of settling, Leftos has an interesting query from gal whose ex-dude is dating someone who goes out of her way to spite her. In investing, new money trumps old money; in relationships, new tail ALWAYS trumps old tail. Sowwy.

And the geeks at Gawker want you to know that Facebook stalking can actually kill you. Gross and for real. Top 10 Facebook Etiquette Rules

Speaking of Facebook, we have a great, new series exclusively on the old Facebook. It features your favorite (and my favorite) Alice and Timmy trying to figure out what it takes to make a relationship work in the funky, tech-savvy 1950s.

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