Love Trends In 2011: Our Top 10 Predictions


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Our top 10 predictions for love, dating, sex and relationship trends in 2011.

"More couples will hold off on marriage, and married couples will put off divorce/separation until the economy rebounds," predicts licensed therapist Don Boice, who has seen a surge in couples who were formerly married and now separated debating getting back together and trying to make it work. He also predicts a higher level of interracial couples and couples where the woman is older by more than five years.

3. For singles, dating deal breakers will fly out the door. Do you remember the list you made in middle school? The one that included Tall, Dark, Handsome, Plays The Guitar, Skates? Perhaps it's a little bit outdated now. The Great Recession has radically transformed our lives and our values and, just like our economy must de-leverage the bad assets, so too will we have to rethink what we consider an ideal mate.


Ph.D. and author of The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Online Dating, Dale Koppel predicts men and women will "radically revise their deal breaker lists and lower their expectations, especially in terms of physical appearance and age." What will be important? How financially secure the other person is, he says. Now he ain't saying we're all going to become gold-diggers, just that a financially stable partner will be higher up on our "must have" list. 

4. We'll return to traditional gender roles. With that in mind, according to Paris-based astrologer Michelle Perrin, men will start to make a comeback and take a leading-man role in relationships. Says Perrin: "Uranus is now moving into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac—and therefore starting a new 84-year cycle. As Aries is a masculine sign, [you'll see men not wanting to] be relegated to the silent partner while the women take center stage, as has been the case recently.  Men are more likely to set the tone in relationships, and be far more adventurous, strong and protective." 

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