Sex Toy Review: Jimmyjane's Form 3. Plus Giveaway!


jimmy jane form 3
A review of Jimmyjane's newest sex toy, the Form 3.

As for the negatives—there weren't many, really. If you need penetration, this obviously isn't the vibe for you. However, using the Form 3 in tandem with a penetrative sex toy could be amazing. It's also not a super-quiet toy, but it's not excessively loud, either. It needs to be charged sitting on a stand, and there's no cover, so if you leave it charging and someone comes into the room, they might notice it. And finally, it's $145, a seemingly hefty sum.

But if you think of all the health and general life benefits of sex and orgasms, $145 isn't all that much. The Health Benefits Of An Orgasm


In general this is an excellent vibe, and one I recommend heartily. To learn more or buy one, click here. And if the Form 3 sounds appealing but you're not ready to plunk down a Benjamin-and-a-half, you can enter our contest to win this awesome vibe! All you have to do is follow us on Twitter and then answer the following question:

What's your biggest turn-on? (Don't forget to use the #yourtango hashtag!)

We'll be choosing a winner next Monday, November 22.

And if you'd like to get the lowdown on the latest Jimmyjane products, follow them on Twitter, too!

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